The mission of Alaska Family Care Associates is to provide quality health services, to promote wellness, to relieve physical and emotional suffering, and to restore health as swiftly and safely as possible.

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We ask our patients to call their pharmacy and request a refill approximately 1 week prior to the completion of their medication.  This process allows for the most efficient processing of the refill requests.  We ask our patients to call their pharmacy after 3 working days to make sure the script is ready for pick up.  If the physician determines that the patient needs an office follow up or labs prior to the medication being refilled our staff will call and make those arrangements with the patient.

For our patients traveling outside of the state it is important that they check to make sure they have enough medication to last them for the duration of their trip.  Requesting refills from out of the state can sometimes be a slow and tedious process.

If you are out of refills per your pharmacy, Please request your refills through your Patient Portal Account with any changes to pharmacy or contact information  for a faster response time.  Thank you.

We recommend using  Drug prices range wildly between pharmacies, GoodRx finds the lowest prices and discounts.