The mission of Alaska Family Care Associates is to provide quality health services, to promote wellness, to relieve physical and emotional suffering, and to restore health as swiftly and safely as possible.

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Flu ShotOur physicians are currently accepting new patients into the practice. As a Family Practice we can provide services to all the members of your family - from your new born/infant to adults.

All Providers are DOT Certified Examiners to meet your DOT Licensing needs.


We are excited to announce availability of patient information through Patient Portal.

Take advantage of the online services offered by our practice with the assurance that all of your information is encrypted and stored securely. Read our HIPAA STATEMENT.

Once activated, you can create FAMILY ACCOUNTS. You must still create an account for each family member but once created, you can manage all of them in one place. You will need separate usernames and passwords for each individual. Setup all your Family Patient Portal accounts using the invitations sent to your email account.

  • - Logon to the Patient Portal using the account you would like to link the other account to.
  • - Select My Account
  • - Family
  • - Link an Existing Family Member
  • - Follow the prompts to finish linking the account

Once you have linked all the accounts you can now logon using the single account. You will be asked which child you would like to use after you logon. Please make sure you select the child that you want to perform the desired task for: Appointment Request, Prescription Refill and Medical Record Requests. This is an exciting feature promoted by our Providers for patient care and accessibility. We encourge use of this tool.


online-apptFor appointments which do not require "hands on" care, you can schedule an on-line appointment. Currently, we are partnering with MeMD for secure web appointments. There is a 48 dollar fee, which will be reimbursed by some insurances, however, MeMD does not bill insurance. Examples of appointment types include upper respiratory infections, lab review, radiology review, musculoskeletal injuries, dermatologic issues, and many more.

Click on the link above to access MeMD's secure, HIPPA compliant website.


Our clinical staff is available in the afternoons to provide our patients with services not requiring a physician. For example, your physician is not needed for immunizations, or therapeutic injections and spirometry (but a physician must be on premises). Please call prior to your visit to insure adequate staffing, to minimize wait time, and to make sure an order has been placed prior to administration of the injection or test.

If you do not have a list, your pharmacy can supply you with a list and dosage.***